A Word from the President

Dear friends,

Major burn victims and their families are at the heart of our organization. We will, therefore, continue to develop our support programs according to the needs of our members.

From the time the victim and their loved ones arrive to the Major Burn Victims Unit of the CHUM Hôtel-Dieu, EGB offers them support through our Peer Helper program. We are very proud of having created the Patient Guide, for which we assumed the responsibility of coordinating the writing and the production.

Afterwards, we offer financial aid for accommodations or medical supplies, which is not paid for by the RAMQ or other third parties. With this in mind, we have continued taking steps to get costs defrayed by the RAMQ, as well as other third parties such as private insurance companies, the CSST, the SAAQ, the VCI, etc.,  for the major burn victims community.

Throughout the year, we organize outings for major burn victims, their loved ones and accompanying medical practitioners; sugar shack, apple-picking, and Christmas brunch events are all scheduled. More than 60 people participate in each of these activities.

Next, with regard to our mission of spreading awareness, we pursue promotional activities through the media that deal with the condition of major burn victims by participating in television and radio broadcasts throughout the year. Of note is our annual concert, presented for the 6th year at the Théâtre St-Denis and animated with great enthusiasm and generosity by our goodwill ambassador, comedian Patrick Groulx. This event is a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the people of Montreal. Also, we would like to thank all those who make this event a success, particularly the artists, sponsors and organizers.

Another exciting project of ours is the implementation of touch-enabled computers with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity at the Unité à l’Hôtel-Dieu and other hospitalization and treatment units of the Hôpital de Réadaptation Villa Medica. Patients can now stay in touch with parents and friends who are sometimes more than 1,000 km from treatment centres. These computers can also be used for entertainment and educational purposes, as well as for treatment methods through the use of certain consoles and software.

It should be noted that almost $100,000 was distributed to this clientele through one of our programs.

Finally, we are always active on the Governing Committee of the Expertise Centre of Western Quebec. Furthermore, our relationship continues to develop with our partner and natural ally, the Fondation des pompiers du Québec pour grands brûlés, who we would like to thank for its support throughout the year.

Financially, we are on target thanks to the close management of expenses. However, we cannot ignore the fact that fair, equitable and recurring financial support from the MSSS is essential for the EGB to continue developing its services. This is even more important since it has designated itself as a partner in the treatment and support of those who are victims of major burns, and their loved ones, in Western Quebec, as well as the pediatric community of the entire province of Quebec.

Dr Léo Lasalle, President