The members


Léo Lasalle,  President

Family doctor since 1972 in remote communities for almost 10 years in Iles de la Madeleine and Verdun. He has worked at Villa Medica since 1981.

Cofounder of the Théâtre Aphasique and Entraide Grands Brûlés, he is a member of the experts committee which established the two expertise centres.

Dr. Lasalle has had an interest in major burn victims for 20 years. He is the attending doctor for the major burn victims rehabilitation program at Villa Medica for the Expertise Centre of Western Quebec.  

Benoit Lussier,  Vice-President

Fireman since 1994, he was the victim of major burns in a work accident in 2006.

Since 2008, he has participated significantly in the production of the Un Gros Show concert, starring Patrick Groulx and his guests, the proceeds of which go to the Entraide Grands Brûlés. He also plays a big part in the organization of the activities gathering other victims and their families several times a year.

He also puts his knowledge at hand to support the implantation of the computers
used by the victims in the Villa Medica rehabilitation hospital.

Maud Parsy,  Treasurer

Close to a major burn victim, she has been the Treasurer of Entraide Grands Brûlés since April 2011.

During her career, she has held positions ininternal audit, corporate finance and treasury. She has a Master’s degree in Finance and is Chartered Financial Analysis (CFA) and Certified Management Accounting (CMA).


Marie-Ève Archambault,  Secretary

Victim of major burns following a road accident, she now wishes to help improve the quality of life of major burn victims.

She has been part of the Entraide Grands Brûlés team since it was founded and hopes that “TO LIVE AGAIN” be accessible to everyone going through such an ordeal.

Nathalie Côté,  Administrator

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Louise Chartrand,  Administrator

Louise Chartrand has a diploma in Social Services from the Université de Sherbrooke.  During her career, she has worked with various communities.

In 2009, she joined the team at the Grands Brûlés de l’hôpital de réadaptation Villa Medica.

To her, being a social worker in the field of rehabilitation means working as part of a team to support and accompany patients and their loved ones in their path to autonomy.

Carmen Quintana,  Administrator

Originally from Chili, Carmen Quintana was part of a tragic moment in history on July 2nd, 1986. While protesting the Pinochet regime in Santiago, she was sprayed with gasoline and transformed into a human torch by Chilean militants. Suffering third-degree burns over two-thirds of her body, her life was barely saved at the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal. Quebec then accepted to take responsibility for her treatment. She was 18 years old at the time.

The protection of youths and fundamental rights are the primary interests of this popular Chilean activist. Her path has centered around these objectives, be it as a Professor of Psychology specialized in the treatment of psychological health problems in children and teenagers at the Université Andrés Bello in Vina del Mar, an associate of SENAME, the Chilean equivalent of the governance and protection of youth, and the ambassador of peace among dignitaries, chiefs of state and even Pope Jean-Paul II.

In the summer of 2010, she moved to Montreal with her husband and three daughters to pursue a Doctorate degree in Psychology at the Université de Montréal.

Michel Lorange,  Administrator

Michel Lorange has been general director of many health related and social services establishments. He is also actively implicated toward community organisations. He was, until recently, executive director of the "Hôpital de réadaptation Villa Medica" where he had a chance to notice the importance of "Entraide Grands Brûlés" giving services and support to the burned victims beyond what the "CHUM" and "Villa Medica" could offer. It is because he deeply believes in Entraide Grands Brûlés's mission that he decided to join us in September 2012.

On top of a wide management and leadership expertise in public and community fields, his interests also go toward clinical ethics and the human aspects of organisations. Engineer by formation, he has a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering.