In this section, you’ll learn a little more about the purpose of our organization, how it was created, and how it became the centre of expertise for major burn victims in Western Quebec; all you need to do is browse through these pages. You can also visit the Board of Directors section to meet the people who have given their time to the organization.

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Our mission

The mission of Entraide Grands Brûlés is to support burn victims in their physical and psychological healing processes. From the time a person is admitted to the burn victims unit, we are available to offer support to the major burn victim, as well as to their loved ones throughout the course of the victim’s treatment. 

 In Quebec, one person is a victim of major burns each day. This also means one new family must face difficult new challenges each day. One time out of six, the victim is a child. We are aware that often the person who was burned is not the only one that needs help. This is why we have established several types of support services and programs.
History of the organization

The organization was founded in 2004 through the initiative of Louise Lapointe, Sophie Sureau and Dr. Léo Lasalle, all of whom were personally affected by major burns. Louise Lapointe was seriously burned during a trip to China in 1994.

Since then, it has been her wish to help victims of major burns return to a normal way of life. Sophie Sureau was also the victim of major burns following an explosion in a club in Indonesia in 2002. Having been taken care of far from her loved ones in a foreign country, she now wants to help major burn victims avoid the distress that she experienced following her accident.

Finally, Dr. Léo Lasalle has taken the cause of major burn victims to heart, as the father of a son who was the victim of major burns. This strongly motivated him to create the organization, seeking to facilitate the social and professional reintegration of major burn victims.