Returning to school

Entraide Grands Brûlés offers a program aimed at helping children who have suffered major burns to return to school. It is intended to accompany them during this sometimes difficult, and even distressing, integration stage. This program allows other children to learn about major burns, their treatments and the particular care associated with them. The class presentation ends with a cartoon that brings awareness to children and helps them to respect differences. 

The program has special significance because it is presented by a victim of major burns who can give a testimonial regarding their own positive experience, while inspiring courage and perseverance. Finally, the animator presents the students with the various adaptations they used such as a pressure garment, so that the children can grasp the impact of a major burn and the adaptation effort required of their classmate in terms of their physical and psychological rehabilitations.

This proven scholarly reinsertion program has considerably diminished prejudices that could arise among youths regarding outward appearances.  

When a parent asks Entraide Grands Brûlés to do a presentation at their child’s school, we must first meet with the parents, the youth and the school faculty. We can adapt our presentation to meet everyone’s needs and ensure the best possible integration of the child.

See the "Returning to school" brochure (PDF format)