Recruitment of peer helpers

For many people who have suffered burns, offering their help is a rewarding experience. The peer helpers are major burn victims or their loved ones who have succeeded in leading a positive life following their accidents. They have a desire to help others succeed, themselves serving as models of survival. Therefore, it can be said that volunteering in a program like SOAR helps those who come to help as much as it does the victims of major burns.

The role of the peer helper is thus to provide moral support to major burn victims and their loved ones. The success of the SOAR program depends largely on the effectiveness of peer helpers in providing the necessary emotional support to the victims. Therefore, it’s important to properly define our expectations to volunteers as well as the standards surrounding their interventions. For example, each candidate must undergo peer helper training.

The training seeks to ensure the quality of sponsor interventions and the safety of patients and their loved ones.

If you’d like to apply to become a peer helper, please fill out the following form:

Clic here to fill out the application form for the peer helper program.(PDF)

Clic here to fill out the application form for the peer helper program.(doc)