Peer helper program

When a burn injury occurs, the trauma doesn’t only affect the injured person, but everyone who makes up their support network of loved ones. Following the admission of a victim of serious burns to a major burns unit, powerful emotions like stress, the feeling of powerlessness, fears for the future and loss of self-esteem can manifest themselves.

Often, the patient and their family each battles their own emotions and suffering. They could be stuck within their own series of personal problems, which prevent them from helping each other.

In order to support the patient and their family during the healing process, Entraide Grands Brûlés offers the SOAR program of peer helpers. This aid program was developed by the Phoenix Society in the United States and implemented in expertise care centre establishments for major burn victims in Western Quebec.  

This program allows the loved ones of major burn victims to meet someone who has suffered burns in the past. It’s also possible for the loved ones of a major burn victim to meet a peer helper who has adapted to a similar situation, so that they can discuss the events they’ve experienced and any fears they’ve felt, which can aid in the healing process. Above all, they can bring hope that life will go on!

To benefit from this program, speak with your doctor or therapist. You can also send us a

request by email.


Beginning in the winter of 2011, Entraide Grands Brûlés has been experimenting with the use of Skype to facilitate communication between patients and peer helpers. This is available to those staying at the Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital or to those who have access to Skype in their home.

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