Patient guide

During the last two years, an interdisciplinary team has worked on creating a guide that discusses the physiological and psychological aspects of major burns. The production of the Patient Guide is the result of an impressive collaboration between various professionals at the major burn victims unit of the CHUM Hôtel-Dieu, the Hôpital de réadaptation Villa Medica and the Entraide Grands Brûlés association.

A preliminary version of the documents was produced and then underwent corrections. The final edition should be completed by the end of 2012. Only the volume dealing with rehabilitation is currently available. The volume that discusses acute care is currently under evaluation due to a study being led by Dr. Susie Bond, psychologist at the major burn victims unit of the CHUM Hôtel-Dieu.

Volume 1 (acute care) presents the aspects related to hospitalization, as well as the physical, medical, psychological and social aspects. Therefore, all of the information on burns, impact on skin, surgeries practiced, intensive care and treatments are addressed. Moreover, the section on psychology turned out to be very interesting for those with questions regarding the psychological changes and development of victims of major burns following their accidents.

Volume 2 (rehabilitation) addresses rehabilitation and the different forms of care used for injuries. This represents an overview of the proposed services and recommendations. This section also discusses returning to the home and a normal way of life. This can turn out to be a very challenging stage to overcome. Articles concerning self-esteem, adaptation to a new situation, as well as the importance of support from loved ones are included to facilitate this stage.

This guide seeks to accompany the victim of major burns and those around them on their path of physical and psychological developments.

Clic here to download the PDF guide.